The Culture Salsa

On March 14th 2017 – Come and join us for this highly interactive workshop in Zurich.

As you engage in intercultural training and coaching in your day-to-day practice, what kind of a “dancing” partner are you?

In this day of blended learning programs and program customization,

  • how do you adjust your style and steps to your partner(s)?
  • how do you pace yourself to their rhythm?
  • How do you teach them new steps?
  • When do you lead? When do you let them lead?
  • What kind of “partner” are you most uncomfortable with and why?
  • What can you do to deal with those who refuse to engage and how can you build on your faculty to “improvise”?

Sabine Baerlocher and Anne-Claude Lambelet will facilitate this interactive workshop, engage you to reflect on your style and share some tips and tricks to keep the Salsa alive.