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Workplace Diversity Panel – SIETAR Switzerland – April 1st 2019 in Geneva

Come hear this panel of academic and corporate experts adressing different aspects diversity in the workplace.

  • Learn what the latest research has to bring :
    • Professor Prof. Eric Davoine, chair of Human Resources and Organization, University of Fribourg will bring key results of a 2019 survey about the integration of highly skilled foreign employees in Switzerland.
  • Gather best practices :
    • Dr. Samer Nakhle, Dean of the Business School, AZM University Lebanon and President of SIETAR Lebanon will address The effect of culture on performance appraisal and diversity in multinational companies
    • Sabine Baerlocher will present recent research on best practices in management of Religious Diversity in MNCs in the Lake Geneva region.
  • Hear why diversity is always at the heart of creativity and innovation :
    • Dr. Vlad Glaveanu, Head of Psychology and Counseling and Director of the Webster Centre for Creativity and Innovation at Webster University Geneva will explain how organisations who recognize this correlation and leverage it, can gain significant advantages in the workplace,
  • Hear how D&I and HR professionals are working to keep their company an employer of choice.

This hands-on session is designed for D&I and HR professionals, trainers, coaches, lecturers, and consultants working in this area or anyone interested in the topic..

Other panelists to be announced shortly.

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