Briges Night

Donald Trump – The American Dream?

For months I have been predicting that Donald Trump could win because he embodied The American Dream better than Hilary Clinton…

Well, here we are.

According to cultural studies, the most important American core values are:

  • Independence
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Risk Orientation
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Success & Money

What makes a true leader?
Could it be alignment with the values of our groups?
I believe so.
In this regards, many Americans may have seen them in Trump and this could explain his election.

Yesterday, evening, I went to a conference on charismatic leadership at BPW Lake Geneva Club.
Our speaker, Dr. Marika Fenley, told us that charisma is the ability to influence, guide, motivate and captivate others.
She also explained that charisma is in the eyes of the beholder.

Therefore, applying Cultural Intelligence in observing the US elections allows us to understandĀ better today’s results.

I would be delighted to further these reflections and welcome your comments on the matter.