Discover your Strengths – October 25th 2018

Using the StrenghtsFinder is a springboard to excellence.

Stop pointing out what you might consider as weaknesses and focus on your real talents. Give up your limiting beliefs and discover your own area of excellence and, if you are reconsidering your career path, how to find the optimal job that suits you by using what you are truly best at.

Join us and unlock the secrets of your own strengths and talents by registering here. In previous sessions, the group has openly shared their experience and concerns and pro-actively found solutions. They also had lots of fun in the process!

Whether interacting with recruiters, going through interview processes, working with colleagues or interacting with suppliers, this workshop will enhance your understanding of local appropriate behaviours and how culture impacts the way business is done.


When:           October 25th 2018 9:00 to 12:00  Welcome from 8:45

Where:          UNI Dufour, Rue Général-Dufour 24 – 1204 Geneva

Room 408

Who:            Clients of Carrière2 and the Welcome Center as well as Active Synapses. Open to the public of newly arrived expats within availabilities.

How:             Please bring your updated CV with you.

Price:            25 CHF to be paid directly before the workshop

Please prepare the necessary change